Cocido Madrileño, typical dish of Madrid
Cocido Madrileño, typical dish of Madrid

Cocido madrileño, typical dish of the city that you can not miss!

Hello friends. We hope you liked the previous post where we presented you with different tourist options to be experienced in our beautiful city.

Madrid is full of activities, events and  endless choices for visiting, for a night out, for touring……It’s a city that never sleeps.

In this CROSS CHECK post, we’d like to focus on Madrid’s gastronomy and especially on one of its typical dishes, something not to be missed during your visit: COCIDO MADRILEÑO or Madrid-Style Stew.

The exact origin of COCIDO MADRILEÑO is unknown but what we do know is that it long ago became a popular dish among lower classes of Madrid.

At a later time it began to be offered by city restaurants, conferring to it, in that way, the fame it has enjoyed ever since.

This yummy stew consists of three courses:
The CHICKPEAS with vegetables
The MEAT (known as viandas)

It is served in that same order but each consumer can enjoy it in a different way:

You can eat it all mixed or you can pour the chickpeas into the the soup and wrap up the mixture with the meat.

It is entirely up to you. One thing is clear: you will be satisfied and will have enjoyed a true taste treat.

If you wish to try COCIDO MADRILEÑO or Madrid-Style Stew, we recommend two restaurants, both of which are very near to any of our apartments:
Taberna “LA BOLA” at calle de La Bola, 5.
Restaurante “LA CRUZADA” at calle Amnistia, 8.

We hope you have liked this post and hope it will help to add a touch of local flavour to your visit to Madrid.

We encourage you to visit our web site ( where you will find a wide range of apartments , all in the most central locations so that you will be able to enjoy this amazing city from the best spots.

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