Some curious facts in Madrid
Some curious facts in Madrid

Madrid is a very large and very diverse city, both in its people and what you can find in it.
Here, in this post you will discover some unknown facts of the city.

For example…

  • The equestrian figure of King Philip III became, for some time, an old bird cemetery due to the hundreds of sparrows that were trapped inside the statue.
  • If you are a true curious of the historical personalities in Madrid you can pay a visit to certain spots such as the place where the famous painter Diego de Velázquez died (at Plaza de Ramales) or the approximate point where the autor of “Don Quijote de la Mancha), Miguel de Cervantes was buried (at Convento de las Trinitarias located on 18, Lope de vega street).
  • You will be surprised to visit the only statue of Lucifer in Spain. it is located in the Retiro Park since 1885.
  • If you are curious about gastronomy you will have to visit the oldest restaurant in Madrid called ”Casa Botín” it was founded in 1725. You will enjoy enjoy the treasures that hang on its walls. Probably it’s not the best value for money but you’ll have the chance of being in a place that holds the Guinness Record as the oldest active restaurant in the world.
  • You already know Cibeles Fountain through football since Real Madrid supporters go there to celebrate every win. What you surely didnt know is that the monument itself is part of the security system of the National Bank of Spain. In case of an assault to the chambers where the gold is stored, the fountain would cause water to flood the chambers and so, protect the gold.


Madrid is an old city but with a very young spirit and that, along with the character of the people in Madrid, will take you to enjoy unforgettables experiences.

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