Enjoy the experience of staying in a holiday rental apartment
Enjoy the experience of staying in a holiday rental apartment

Everyone likes to travel and get a local experience in our destination as if it were our own city.

Lately there has been a clear market trend in favour of holiday rental apartments. It’s an option increasingly established as these accommodations offer certain advantages and features worth having in mind when it comes to planning a vacation.

When we have to organize our daily schedule in another city, in many occasions we look for comfort.
An apartment allows you, for instance, to have breakfast whenever you want and keep the pace according to your needs.
Similarly if your stay is for business, this kind of accommodation will allow you to organize yourself with freedom and flexibility.

Without doubt, gastronomy is an important part of every trip.
We all like to search for the best products and try the most typical dishes in each destination, but sometimes having to go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday will result in a higher budget.
Therefore, self organization and having the opportunity of doing everyday things such as preparing a salad at home or having dinner watching TV can be very tempting.

The boom in this kind of lodging has brought better equipped apartments and we find, more and more often, a higher level of quality compared with other types of lodging.
An apartment usually offers more room, more privacy, a well maintained space, as well as a good value for your money, especially when traveling with family or friends.

At CROSS CHECK we take care of every detail such as furniture, kitchenware, bed linen, towels, internet, WiFi, etc… All focused on the goal of making you feel at home.

All in all, holiday rental apartments will optimize your time.
At CROSS CHECK we strive to provide all the comforts of home in a way that you can relax and only have to think about enjoying your stay.

Now it’s time for you to discover a new way to get to know and enjoy the city staying in at one of our apartments, all of them, strategically located in Madrid’s historic centre.

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