Exploring and enjoying Madrid with your partner can be a great idea. In this post you’ll find attractive options for you to impress your loved one.


If you want to experience a romantic moment, enjoying a sunset in one of the following spots can be an awesome plan.
TOP ROOF CIRCULO DE BELLAS ARTES, located at 42, Alcalá street. You’ll enjoy an amazing panoramic view of Madrid. They are open till 9pm.
GOURMET EXPERIENCE GRAN VIA, located on the 9th floor of Corte Inglés department store at Callao Sq.
From there you will be able to see Gran Via avenue, Royal Theater, Royal Palace, Almudena Cathedral, Casa de Campo park…
POND OF RETIRO PARK. Ride in one of the small rowing boats and enjoy the sunset from the center of the pond.
DEBOD TEMPLE. It is the oldest monument in Madrid dating from 2.200 BC. It was donated to Spain by the Egyptian state for helping save the Abu Simbel temple, as well as other monuments and archaeological sites, from being buried under the construction of the Aswan High Dam. It’s a pretty magic spot.
ROYAL PALACE and its gardens. A beautiful place to enjoy a sunset.

The perfect picnic

Enjoy a delicious picnic with that special someone. There are plenty of places to choose from: Retiro Park, Debod Temple or Madrid Rio, a recently built pedestrian área along Manzanares river. If you want it to be a surprise, check out www.picnic-madrid.com
They will take care of everything for you. From searching for the perfect location place to providing a basket with all stuff necessary.


In Madrid we have the largest drive in cinema in Europe with a capacity of 350 cars. Once there, you will enjoy a movie with your partner in a unique way, comfortably seated in your car while eating popcorn or a yummy hot dog. The cinema is located at 2, ISLA DE JAVA street (northern área of Madrid).

Take a walk in a charming park

Discover the nice and enchanting parks that Madrid has to offer for romantic walks in pairs:
Capricho Park (at Paseo de la Alameda de Osuna 25)
Campo del Moro (at Paseo de la Virgen del Puerto, 1)
Sabatini Gardens (at Royal Palace)
Retiro Park (at Plaza de la Independencia, 7)
The Royal Botanic Garden (at Plaza de Murillo, 2).

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