Guidelines for a secure renting
Guidelines for a secure renting

Guidelines for a secure renting

First of all you must undertake the process with calm and patience as you will need to ensure a few issues in order to avoid unpleasant surprises o incidentals.

Renting an apartment instead of a hotel has become more and more popular in the last few years.

All apartments we offer at CROSS CHECK comply with the basic recommendations you would have to take into account when it comes to rent a property for your holidays:

    1. The apartment must be faithful to the description and pics shown. Veracity is a must.
    2. The platform from where you make the booking should be a reliable one.
      Should you have a single doubt or question, contact the owner to clear them out.
    3. Read carefully all the home appliances and services offered.
    4. Pay attention to the cancellation policy. If you don’t find it or it is unclear, feel free to ask.
    5. Don’t let price confuse you: An expensive price does not imply a guaranteed problem-free property, in the same way as low prices don’t not mean necessarily a bad or poor place.
    6. Check out the reviews written by previous guests.
    7. If you don’t feel confident, go ahead and contact the owner.
    8. Make sure the exterior pictures match with Google Street View app.
    9. Pay through a secure method of payment.
    10. Choose a central location, so you will be able to have most of the sights within walking distance.
    11. Make sure if there are any extra expenses.
    12. Arrange with the owner the check in procedure.

    At CROSS CHECK we care about you and your comfortness.
    We look for the satisfaction of our visitors.

    Now it’s up to you to come and enjoy the city.
    We encourage you to stay with us and discover The Art of Lodging at CROSS CHECK MADRID.

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