Tips for travelling with children
Tips for travelling with children

When the family expands, the holiday planning changes as well. You’ll have to stay ahead of schedule and think about certain tasks to be done so your vacation days will be enjoyable for everyone.

Sometimes adults get stressed out because of the children and the result is that they finish their holidays with a feeling of needing extra days for resting.

Here there are some recommendations so that all in the Family will have a deserved rest.

Luggage. Act Smart. Make a list of all those things that you’ll need both, for adults and for children. Also get together all documents, medical cards, first-aid kit…; Don’t forget to let your kids prepare their own backpack with some toys and stuff.

Prepare your children for the trip. Get them involved in the travel experience. Show them the place where you are going. Use books, maps, videos, pics…; That way they will show interest for the upcoming trip.

Choose carefully the accommodation. It’s a good idea to stay in a spacious place with privacy. This option will allow you to enjoy more freedom and not worry about schedules. An access to a kitchen it will be also very handy.

Creative Plans. Look for places where you all can enjoy of different activities away from those of your daily routine

Choose one destination better than many. You’ll discover cities and towns with great beauty, with its own traditions, culture and history. Travellin is an excellent way to educate. Show your kids a map and teach them geography and orientation. It is better to stay longer in a place than trying to visit many places in a short period of time.

No Schedules. Don’t set too strict schedules and don’t get overwhelmed if you are not able to fulfill the agenda. Things can easily change when travelling with children.

Be Flexible and optimistic. Open your mind and help to create a good atmosphere. Be flexible with your children’s wishes during vacation time. Indulge them (and yourself) a little bit.

Theme Parks and zoos. These places have magic for everyone. Are places full of joy and emotions where adrenalin rises.

Snacks. Have always in hand snacks and water for the children.

Flights. It is advisable to use soothers and baby bottles when flying as they will help to open up nose and ears during take off and landing. It is a good idea to get the kids tired before the trip. Also, bring toys, coloring books and tecnologhy such as ipads or game consoles for their enjoyment.

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